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Put Our Craftsmen to Work Creating Custom Tile for Your Home

Are you frustrated by the seemingly limited range of tile designs available for your home renovation? At Ken Mason Tile in Los Angeles, we create a high-quality custom tile that is specifically created for each of our customers. Our craftsmen create each tile by hand using raw clay. By creating our tiles by hand, we can customize the shape and size to fit your needs. We also paint each tile by hand, so we can match any color you want. 

In many cases, our customers come to us with a design in mind. Others are not quite sure what they want, but they know that mass-produced tiles are not ideal for their space. There is no need to settle for a design that somewhat meets your needs. At Ken Mason Tile, we want to create the perfect tile design for your home.

Custom-Made Tile Designed Without Limits

Some of our customers come to Ken Mason Tile with a complicated request for their home. While some custom orders are simple, other orders for a custom-made tile design are complex due to unusual shapes, patterns, or color combinations. Regardless of how unique your design idea is, we assure you that we have the skills and resources necessary to produce a beautiful material that precisely matches your concept. There truly is no end to the range of possibilities available. This is because all of our tiles are hand-painted and hand-crafted

Are you still trying to create the perfect design for your tile floor or surround? We will happily provide you with design ideas that could spur your creativity. Custom orders may take several weeks to process, so we encourage you to contact us today to get started.

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